Executive Summary

The Cinedicate is an independent motion picture production company specializing in
acquiring projects to develop, arrange financing and to produce for theatrical release. Our
goal is to produce high quality films by utilizing the best qualified writers, directors and cast
for each project. We aim for the best rate of return by producing the highest quality
product while maintaining cost effective budgets.

The Cinedicate will develop and produce feature films in close relationship with major
distributors and other key industry people such as talent agents, managers, and unions.
We put major emphasis on collaborating and cooperating with the strategic relationships
that we have developed. This enhances our ability to develop and produce productions
that distributors are looking for, giving them assurance that there is a waiting audience
when each film is released.

Our projects are packaged to ensure efficiency by attaching named actors, directors, and
hiring crews with experience to make the best for less. We have set our business model as
the old studios once were and enhanced the model by taking great care of all involved in
the production process. We take a "hands on" approach which sets us apart from our
competitors, and allows creativity to flow thereby ensuring we get into what the audience's
want to see.

Our team is comprised of people from various business backgrounds with knowledge and
experience in the film and entertainment industries. It is our belief that there needs to be a
healthy balance between the creative side and the business side of independent film


Gates of Eden

Driver ED

The Gods Hate Kansas

The Long Strange Trip of Cary Grant

Armageddon for Dummies


Executive Summary